Everything you need to know to keep your mobile conversations private.

You need to know what is in this book.


Is My Cell Phone Bugged? explains...

how to detect spyware on your phone, protect your mobile communications, regain/retain your privacy and security.


Don't live in fear.

Fight back.

Knowledge is power.


Kevin D. Murray, a technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) specialist, shows readers how to take control of their information security.


In simple, clear-cut language, he explains the basics of counterespionage, including how to:

• Shop for a secure cordless device,

• Avoid pre-bugged cell phones,

• Identify 19 warning signs that your phone is spyware infected,

• Find the best apps to prevent tapping and information leaks,

• Protect oneself using a “Spyware Prevention Checklist”,

• Catch the spy when your phone is already under surveillance.


This comprehensive guide offers an array of information to help anyone—from the lay reader to the security expert— protect themselves and their families from smartphone eavesdropping.


"Is My Cell Phone Bugged? Everything You Need to Know to keep your smartphone and other mobile conversations private" is an invaluable tool—from a professional security strategist—for anyone who wants to guard against electronic surveillance of their mobile communications.


Topics covered include:

• GSM Bugs.

• Home cordless phone - eavesdropper friendly and eavesdropper resistant models.

• Wireless telephone headset eavesdropping possibilities.

• Bluetooth bugging.

• Precautions to take against spyware, eavesdropping and general snooping.

• U.S. Eavesdropping laws.

• Warning signs your smartphone is bugged with spyware.

• How your conversations get out in ways you don't expect. It's not always spyware.

• Do-it-yourself cell phone forensics.

• Pre-bugged cell phones.

Security advice for all smartphone and mobile device users.

• and much more...



by Glenn H. Whidden,


Former CIA—Clandestine Service;


Technical Services Agency, Inc.,


   Fort Washington, Maryland (USA);


Founder, Espionage Research Institute,


   Washington, DC






How Likely Is It That Someone


Is Listening to Your Phone Calls?


What About Law Enforcement?




The Technology


Analog vs. Digital


A History of Cell Phones


Secure Cordless Phones: Shopping Tips




Pre-bugged Cell Phones


How Do They Get Away with This?


Spyphone Protection Essentials




Cell Phones as Bugs


ZombiePhone: The No. 1 Cell Phone Eavesdropping Trick


What Can You Do About a ZombiePhone?




GSM Micro-Bugs


Tiny bugs that operate as cell phones...


without the screen, keypad and speaker.




What Is Cell Phone Spyware?


You will be surprised at all the things it can do, see and hear.


How Do Cell Phones Become Infected?


Spyware Prevention Checklist


Apps Against Taps




Spyware Detection: Murray's Method


The 19 Warning Signs


How SpyWarn Mobile™ Works


The SpyWarn Mobile™ Test


(SpyWarn™ is now an Android app)



Yes, Your Phone Is Bugged—What Now?


Checklist: How to Deter Future Spyware




Spyware Scams, Misleads & “Experts”


Spyware Detection Software


Spyware “Experts”


Spyware and Anti-Spyware




Cordless Phones & Wireless Devices


Equipment Recommendations


Good Communications Practices




Bluetooth® Eavesdropping


Bluetooth Vulnerabilities


Bluetooth Security Recommendations




GSM Micro-Bugs


Tiny bugs that operate as cell phones...


without the screen, keypad and speaker.




Other Phone Privacy Invasions




Murray’s Test for Leaks™ Protocol


The Four Steps


The End Result




Choosing a Secure Cell Phone


Checklist: Basic Security Considerations


Checklist: Security Questions


Going One Step Beyond Basic




Do-It-Yourself Forensics




Legal Issues


Privacy Law


Additional Legal Information




The Truth About Caller ID


Myth vs. Reality


Caller ID Facts


Unwanted Calls, Texts & E-mails





Additional Reviews

Even More Reviews...

"I was impressed with the wealth of information and knowledge..."

— Pursuit Magazine

"What I liked was the guide to perform your own tests to see if your phone is bugged. So many of the “professional books” give you just enough information to know you have a problem, but not enough to make a self-directed inquiry..."

— The Aegis Journal

"Kevin Murray keeps it simple and straight to the point. It is not just another book loaded with word play that the common person would not understand and would just glance through at best..."

— playasonly.com

“Is My Cell Phone Bugged?” provides a comprehensive look at what is available to almost anyone, how to use it and how to protect yourself from it. The knowledge that can be gained from Kevin D. Murray is invaluable and with no exception, knowledge is power. I would highly recommend anyone who owns a cell phone to read this book – its written in a way that can be easily read, and informs you of situations that no one really wants to think about, but should."

— frugalfabulousfinds.com

"This book is very good and at first I thought that no one would really eavesdrop on your conversations or read your texts, but then the more you read the book the more I started thinking that maybe someone actually would!"

— deesdailynews.com

"...eavesdropping detection specialist Kevin D. Murray draws from his vast security experience and detailed research to illustrate to readers how to take control of their information security by using spy-busting technology to their own advantage, preventing privacy invasions before they begin..."

— PI Telegraph

"...my favorite part is it's informative - Kevin D. Murray does a great job in explaining the details..."

— Just Cherish Today

Midwest Book Review

5.0 out of 5 stars!

Is My Cell Phone Bugged?: Everything You Need to Know to Keep Your Mobile Conversations Private is an important, key pick for any who worry about privacy issues in our modern society. It outlines the threat of cell phone usage and privacy issues in business and personal transactions, attacking the myths that cell phones are secure and discussing eavesdropping, text message security, hackers, and more. Any owner of a cell phone concerned about security must have this eye-opening expose."

— Midwest Book Review

"Murray’ s new book is packed with over 150 fact-filled pages describing how to choose the right cell phone, monitor its access by others, lists of spyware sources and anti-spyware techniques, legal issues, and the vulnerability of other wireless devices like cordless phones, baby monitors, and Bluetooth headsets. Lists of resources are included as well..."

— Monitoring Times

"Is My Cell Phone Bugged will surprise you with its exposure of the ease with which that device may be overheard by strangers and law enforcement. The author is Kevin D. Murray, long-time security consultant in New Jersey specializing in telephone security."

— Privacy Journal

"The first topic I found extremely interesting was the zombie phone. This section explains how a cell phone can be set to not make any noise when called and to answer automatically when called. When setting a cell phone this way the cell phone can be hidden and used to eavesdrop on anyone... I do recommend this book to anyone it is a very good read."

— mommyto3wifeto1.com

"Murray is like an anti-eavesdropping missionary. His book is a real value..."

— Security Letter™



Kevin D. Murray is an independent, professional security consultant who specializes in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (aka TSCM) and technical information security consulting. He has been solving electronic eavesdropping, security, and counterespionage matters since 1973 while with Pinkerton’s Inc., and from 1978 to present at his consulting firm, Murray Associates. Services provided include advanced eavesdropping detection, also known as technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) and full counterespionage strategy development services for business, government, and at-risk individuals.


Headquartered in the New York metropolitan area, with services available worldwide, Murray Associates invites inquiries from corporate, government, and professional security entities.


Murray Associates’ client family includes:

• 375+ Fortune 1000 companies

• 800+ others from every imaginable corner of business

• Many North American government agencies

• Clients in 39 states and several foreign countries


Professional certifications:

• CISM (Certified Information Security Manager)

• CPP (Certified Protection Professional)

• CDPSE (Certified Data Privacy Solutions Engineer)

• CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)

• MPSC (Mobile Phone Seizure Certification)


Professional affiliations:

• International Association of Professional Security Consultants (IAPSC)

• Information Systems Audit & Control Association (ISACA/CISM)

• American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS/CPP)

• High Technology Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA)

• Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE/CFE)

• Espionage Research Institute International (ERII)

• Infraguard (An FBI–Private Sector Initiative)



• Private Detective (New Jersey)

• Amateur Radio Operator - Advanced (FCC)

• LTA Pilot/Instructor (FAA)



Mr. Murray developed and taught two Electronic Eavesdropping Detection seminars at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City. He has provided technical advice to HBO, George Clooney, Steven Soderbergh, the Discovery Times Channel, Discovery Channel/Canada, ABC News’ 20/20, FOX News, CNN, CBS News, Joe Finder, NBC’s Dateline, James Cameron, Orion Pictures . . . and others.


Mr. Murray is the author of several textbook chapters, white papers, and magazine articles.


His professional work has also been featured in books and magazines, as well as on radio and television. He is referenced and quoted by Fortune magazine, the New York Times, USA Today, NPR, International Security News, Corporate Security, Security Management, Congressional Quarterly, Security Letter, Time, American Public Radio, Boardroom Reports, the Washington Post, Business Finance, and several Internet security websites. Murray Associates has appeared on an episode of the HBO original series K Street with James Carville; the Discovery Times Channel documentary Someone’s Watching; FOX News’ 212, (episode: “A Day with the Spybusters”); “Spies Like Us,” an episode of Public Radio International’s (PRI) This American Life series with Ira Glass; and the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet show.

Personal Information:


In his spare time Mr. Murray enjoys traveling, and he is currently learning how to crack an 8-foot kangaroo-leather bullwhip. Eventually, he hopes to be able to play his theremin without scaring the neighbors.


Also, be sure to visit...

• Murray Associates at counterespionage.com.

• Eavesdropping & espionage news at Kevin’s Security Scrapbook.

• SpyWarn 2.0™ the Android spyware evaluation app at Google Play

• Learn how to detect spy cameras at spycamdetection.training.





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