Pre-bugged Cell Phones

Pre-Bugged Cell Phone

Here is a pop quiz: What is the best way to acquire a new cell phone?

1. Your significant other loves you so much, he/she buys you a beautiful cell phone. Now you can talk, text, send pictures, and even video call each other all the time.

2. You receive an e-mail saying, “You’ve won!” or “You’ve been chosen to test...” and your new cell phone is on its way, complete with a year’s worth of prepaid calling time. “Tell us how you liked it after a year, and it’s yours to keep—free!”

3. Your boss gives you a phone, saying, “Use it all you want; we’re on a plan.”

4. You go to the store, buy the phone yourself, and never let anyone else touch it.

That’s right, the best way is No. 4. Here’s why: Buying it yourself is the best way to be sure your new phone has not come pre-bugged with spyware.

Pre-bugged cell phones are new, fresh-out-of-the-box phones that come pre-loaded with spyware. Pre-bugged cell phones are available in almost every make and model and are the identical twin of their off-the-shelf counterparts. You will not be able to tell the difference between a prebugged cell phone and a normal phone just by looking at them. Both were made in the same factory. They are identical. Only the...