Spyware Detection: The Murray Method™

Trojan Virus in Cell Phone

Illegal electronic surveillance (bugs and wiretaps), business espionage, and computer hacking have topped the risk list for Murray Associates’ clients for over three decades. Today, cell phone spying joins the list as the newest and fastest-growing communications security concern they face. It affects everyone from the company president to the salesman on the road.

With more spyware brands becoming available via the Internet, more individuals purchasing high-end phones, and the subsequent drop in prices of both, spyware is now a pandemic privacy issue. Everyone who uses a smart cell phone is affected.

One of the hallmarks of spyware is that it is very stealthy. Even an expensive, full forensic examination cannot guarantee that well-hidden spyware will be discovered. This news, of course, does not please corporate presidents. A better answer was needed. A quick and sure method of detecting an infected phone had to be found.

What developed from talking with our clients was a methodology specifically designed to fulfill the following requirements:
• It must make quick and reasonable spyware evaluations.
• No special forensic tools should be required.
• No special skills should be necessary.
• No assistance should be necessary once the initial training is over. The phone owner must be able to conduct the test him- or herself—anytime, anyplace.
• Advancements in spyware software and cell phone hardware should not render the test ineffective.

The field of cell phone forensics is new, growing, and changing at a rapid rate. Better methods of detecting spyware may come along. Cell phones may evolve to become immune to infections. New surveillance tools will probably develop along with new communications methods. If so,
counterespionage practitioners will keep pace, as we always have since the beginning of time.

Currently, however, the Murray Method™ is state of the art. It fulfills our corporate and government client needs, and...