Everything you need to know to keep your mobile conversations private.

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"When it comes to neutralizing spies, keeping trade secrets safe, and preventing sensitive communications from being compromised, Kevin Murray is the real deal. His solutions are known nationally and internationally. He has done a firstrate job on Is my cell phone bugged?, a book we all need in today’s technologically vulnerable world.”

— Edward L. Lee, II, Retired Special Agent/Regional Security Officer, U.S. Department of State, and author of: Staying Safe Abroad: Traveling, Working & Living in a Post-9/11 World


"A real eye-opener and a must-read . . . People need to be aware of the threat that their cell phones pose in our business and private lives. This book is written in a way that even the least tech-savvy among us can understand, and offers simple, inexpensive methods to ascertain whether your cell phone is bugged and what to do about it."

— Mark Cheviron, Corporate VP - Dir. Corp. Security & Administrative Services, ADM Corp. (retired)


"This book is a must-read for anyone who uses a wireless phone. Whether your privacy concerns are personal or business related, this book offers a rare opportunity to have your questions answered by an unbiased, recognized security expert in the area.”

— Alexander C. Sparaco - CPP, Security Consultant, Baker Street Associates


"Kevin Murray conveys critical safeguarding information for all cell phone users in an engaging and straightforward manner. An expert in the fields of counterespionage and eavesdropping detection, Kevin educates the reader, shows red flags, and provides real solutions to safeguard this technology.”

— Joseph E. Canone, Jr., Managing Director, Pinnacle Investigations


"I received and read this book yesterday. I learned really how much I didn't know. Kevin explains technology in plain language that even the most lay person can understand. I'm going to buy extra copies to give to my consulting clients."

— Curtis Baillie - CSC, Board Certified Security Consultant, Security Consulting Strategies, IAPSC Member and contributing author to Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention - An Encyclopedic Reference


"Got your book three days ago. Enjoyed it so much and it explains so well that I just purchased another book for a client and shipped it to him. Thanks for your willingness to share your knowledge with others."

— J.A., Private Investigator


"I know your book is going to help tons of people struggling with uncertainty - and the timing can't be better with all of the hype in the news lately about Apple tracking iphones!"

— N.C., Reader


"Bravo! Kevin debunks the various myths the public has with the safety and security of their conversations on cell phones. I highly recommend this book for professionals and novices alike.”

— Kevin A. Cassidy, Vice President, Security Director, Thomson Reuters (retired)


"Is My Cell Phone Bugged? After reading Kevin's book I determined that my cell phone was not bugged. I also found the information contained in the book, I couldn't find anywhere else. The book is easy to read, full of GREAT information, and obviously written by someone who knows what they are talking about. Great job Kevin, I look forward to your next book."

— L.J., Private Investigator


"Kevin Murray's "Is My Cell Phone Bugged" book is a refreshing, honest behind the scenes look at the technology used to spy on cellular phones and smart phones. Kevin explains the technology in a no nonsense tone and separates fact from fiction regarding the varied technologies used to spy on your private conversations, while also providing the countermeasures used to thwart those threats. Required reading for the professional and layman alike."

— J.D. LeaSure, Electronic Countermeasures Specialist, ComSec LLC (TSCM)


"Easy reading for the lay person or techie – Kevin's sense of humor comes across clearly (loved that) while not clouding the serious nature of the information and its message."

— G.M., Reader from NJ.


"We get this question all the time. In fact, in the past year we've seen three Blackberry's that were compromised with spyware. Murray's book is excellent. And for a few dollars (the cost of the book) he makes it easy for you to check your own cell phone. You can literally save hundreds of dollars by buying the book "Is My Cell Phone Bugged?" Another question we get is, "How do I know who has tapped my cell phone?" Kevin Murray has devised clever tests where you can tell who has compromised your cell phone."

— Skipp Porteous, TSCM specialist, President, Sherlock Investigations, Inc., Author of "Into the Blast: The True Story of D.B. Cooper"


"New Book: And then there has been the publication of the new book by our Associate Kevin Murray. It carries the title, “Is My Cell Phone Bugged?” and has 156 pages. It fills a void in the technical security field and is therefore particularly valuable. After reading it from cover to cover, I must say that it is very comprehensive and I learned a lot from it. In my opinion, all counter-eavesdropping practitioners should have a copy of it. We can recommend it highly because of the high quality of its content."

— ERI - Espionage Research Institute (ERI journal 6/11), Ft. Washington, MD


"Included is access to a private readers-only web page. Here he has placed a multitude of links which compliment the information in the book. A special stopwatch is also located there which is used in conjunction with the spyware test. If you have any privacy concerns you can't afford not to own this book which I can only describe as the "bible on the subject". The knowledge contained herein is 'priceless.'"

— M.T.  Former surveillance consultant to governments.


"I'm glad you're getting the word out about cell phone spyware - I was clueless until #18, below, occurred."

— T.B., Reader, via the Internet.


"I am a licensed private investigator in New Mexico who has been in the business for thirty plus years and was trained to find listening devices (Bugs/Taps). I later went to work for the government who taught me how to conduct technical surveillance under Title III (court authorized) authority; so I have both placed electronic listening devices and searched for them. In my business I routinely receive calls from people concerned that their cell phone is bugged. I charge $375.00 to analyze a cell phone to see if it might be bugged. I have read “IS MY CELL PHONE BUGGED?” by Kevin Murray and found it both factual and informative. This book gives you a step by step guide on what clues to look for".

— Bill Elliott, Licensed Private Investigator